Aloha! I’m Cheryl DeAngelo, Cheese Enthusiast and Founder of bubbly and bleu. I have a passion for good food, wine, entertaining and of course, cheese.

I’m a local girl, originally from the west side of O'ahu, Hawaii and I’ve been in the food and beverage industry for almost thirty years. While I love I the restaurant and bar scene - cheese, it feeds my soul!

I’ve been making cheeseboards ever since I married the love of my life in Italy in 2005. While in the beautiful countryside of Florence, my husband and I were greeted each morning with baskets of fresh fruit, cheese and breads for breakfast. Our lunches began with charcuterie and for dinner, we would enjoy cheese for dessert. It was perfection.

Today, I love welcoming friends and family into my home with a gorgeous cheese and charcuterie spread. It sets the tone for a delicious meal prepared by my husband, who also happens to be a very talented Chef (and my true soul mate).

What started as a way for me to express my love, gratitude and creativity has now become something I can share with everyone in our ALOHA state and I’m so excited!

Live your best life. Laugh out loud. Enjoy cheese.